4 Signs Your Ghanaian Boyfriend Is Only after Your Money

4 Signs Your Ghanaian Boyfriend Is Only after Your Money

Poor Communication
He doesn’t promulgate with we mostly underneath a feign of complicated work report though gets time to call we when he needs some cedis to arrange things out.

He is usually meddlesome in issues about your income mostly asking, “Have we been paid?” When are they going to compensate you? The source of a money, your gratification and your pursuit is a slightest of his concerns.

High demand
He is always seeking for income to do one plan or a other though we never get to see a result. When questioned, he gives groundless excuses or even feigns anger.

Date bills
He always expects we to compensate a bills whenever you’re on a date. He doesn’t even make an try to compensate and looks divided when a waiter puts a check on a table.

My sister don’t be blinded by this feign adore and spend your income on a male who doesn’t adore we though your money. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell we he is usually after your money. Flee before we cry bitterly on amicable media when a burble burst.

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