Akuffo Addo sounded like a dictator

Richmond Mensah

One might remember that an NPP member called Richmond Mensah who was indicted of paraphernalia 2014 NPP Chairmanship elections in Milton Keynes in foster of Chairman Ansah, a stream UK NPP Chairman.

This Sheep in wolf skin is during it again. On Thursday 5th day of Apr 2018 after a President speech, Richmond Mensah and one Hans Boakye descended on him to border of saying him as a flaw and remembered him of not in antithesis though rather in power.

Richmond Mensah, who is a organiser and 1st Vice Chair carefree in Milton Keynes done all these comments on WhatsApp organisation page called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” and it might seductiveness we to know that Chairman Ansah and some of a executive hopefuls are on a height and nonetheless they saw zero wrong.

Being a Chairman’s assist or heavenly boy, he tries to cover him in all his Evil deeds.

NPP Milton Keynes executives wrote a minute to a bend to Suspend him due to kind of messages he was promulgation to a late Kaba on his uncover “Ekosi Sen” and melancholy of regulating his blood for Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong when they were suspended.

Now that a UK executives are demure to move this scandalous Richmond Mensah to book,I implore all NPP members to denote opposite a NPPUK executives and assign them to moment a whip on Richmond Mensah.

Attached are a banters on his Freedom of debate height and duplicate of his cessation minute for your perusal.



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