Bongo District Receives Tax Compliance Education

Bongo District Receives Tax Compliance Education

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in partnership with a Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has extended a taxation correspondence preparation to business people in a Bongo District of a Upper East Region.

The dual institutions conducted a preparation and sensitization programmes on taxation correspondence in some areas in a District including a Central Market, Churches, mechanic, hairdressers, and dressmakers among others.

It forms partial of a national debate on taxation correspondence on a theme: ‘Our Tax Our Future’.

Speaking to a business people in Bongo on Wednesday, Ms Alice Ndego, a Bongo District Director of NCCE, explained that supervision depended on taxes to commence growth projects, hence a need to honour their taxation obligations.

She urged them to compensate their taxes to capacitate supervision financial a bill and move growth projects to a communities.

The District Director pronounced taxation correspondence was a inherent direct and those who unsuccessful to honour their taxation duties would be punished as stipulated by a law.

The business people, during a several taxation preparation programmes, applauded a debate and affianced to overtly announce their income and compensate their taxes accordingly.

They however indicated that a prolonged stretch between a District and Bolgatanga, a Upper East Regional collateral where they were ostensible to compensate a taxes was a separator and they would not be means to transport frequently to honour their taxation obligation.

They therefore urged a GRA to intermittently revisit a District and also make moves to settle offices in a District to lift out a taxation collection duties.

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