Breaking News: Actress, Aisha Abimbola Dies in Canada

Not again Nollywood. God, a genocide in a attention is apropos too much, roughly any year now, a attention is thrown into mourning.

Well, lovers of Nollywood, a astonishing has happened as a Yoruba film attention has been thrown into startle over a remarkable genocide of actress, Aisha Abimbola.

According to actor, Kunle Afod, who strew some light into her death, settled that a singer died in Canada, same nation where late actress, Moji Olaiya died.

Condolence messages have been pouring in as many are still in startle over a unhappy news.

According to Kunle, “Hmmmm… Another unhappy one…I never prayed to use .. R.I.P or GONE TOO SOON on my page again …I motionless to applaud my colleagues and conclude them on my page not until we die or tumble ill before we post any other’s design … Now Aisha Abimbola is left ..Am still in startle ..Omoge campus … what unequivocally happened? GOD not again..Almost same time with moji olaiya and Canada again …Sun re ooo.”

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