COPEC, BOST Enmeshed In Pure Mischief

The Africa Centre for Integrity and Development (ACID) has described a new allegations opposite a Bulk Oil and Storage Distribution Limited (BOST) over a sale of some wanton oil as an act of mischief.

The anti-corruption think-tank in a matter Monday pronounced a preference by BOST to sell a oil to BB Energy was taken in a best seductiveness of a nation notwithstanding a explain to a contrary.

COPEC Executive Director, Duncan Amoah had indicted BOST Managing Director, Alfred Obeng of causing financial detriment to a state when he certified a sale of some barrels of wanton oil to an unlawful dealer.

He quoted 1.8 million barrels of wanton oil as a apportion that was sole to BB Energy, a figure that had been questioned by BOST management.

But carrying interrogated COPEC’s claims months after they were made, ACID pronounced it has sufficient drift to trust they were finished quite for effect purposes.

“Truly, a end in this matter is that a COPEC and BOST brouhaha, is pristine effect from a former, as a observant goes, to give ‘a dog a bad name and hang it’, that should be overlooked by all,” a matter read.

ACID also pronounced it detected that a apportion of wanton oil sole was 942,000 barrels, a same figure BOST quoted in a feverishness of a allegation.

“[We] would have rarely applauded or commended COPEC, if during a investigations we had found their allegations to be palpably scold and convincing with small domain of errors,” a matter continued.

Considering BOST is not usually a bulk oil storage association though also an Oil Trading Company (OTC), a Centre pronounced it was satisfactory for a association to use a Freight on Board (FOB) in the transaction with BB Energy.

ACID has urged polite multitude organisations (CSOs) to be prudent and committed in their line of work to safeguard that they are not dragged into “needless authorised mine-fields.”

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