Dominic Ayine Sues " Too Old" Amidu As Special Prosecutor

A Former Deputy Attorney-General, Dr. Dominic Ayine, has filed a fit to plea a assignment of Martin Amidu for a position of Special Prosecutor.

Dr. Ayine’s lawsuit, that has been sighted by Citi News, contends that Mr. Amidu, being 66 years of age, is too aged to reason open office, underneath that a Special Prosecutor’s bureau falls.

He is seeking a stipulation that “by a loyal and correct interpretation of Articles 190(1)(d), 199(1), 199(4), and 295 of a 1992 Constitution, a retirement age of all holders of open bureau combined pursuant to Article(1)(d) is sixty years, anyhow not over (65).”

He argued in his command that, “any other interpretation would outcome in an wrong amendment of Article 199 of a Constitution by legislation.”

Using a same sections of a constitution, he hold that “no chairman above a age of 65 years is authorised for practice in any open bureau combined underneath Article 190(1)(d).”

He is this seeking a stipulation from a Supreme Court that Mr. Amidu, “is not competent or authorised to be nominated as a Special Prosecutor underneath Section 13(3) of a Office of a Special Prosecutor Act, 2018 (Act 959).”

This movement comes hardly a day to a vetting of Mr. Amidu by a Appointments Committee of Parliament.

If Parliament is served, there will automatically be an claim on a vetting routine tentative a integrity of case.

Nana Addo names Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor

Mr. Amidu, a male who has warranted a nickname ‘Citizen Vigilante’ for his no-nonsense position and debate opposite crime quite in a NDC administration, was named by President Akufo-Addo on Jan 11, 2018, after an puncture cupboard assembly during a Flagstaff House.

The President in announcing a name, pronounced he perceived a assignment from a Attorney General Gloria Akuffo, and has supposed a nominee, whose name will be forwarded to Parliament for capitulation when a House reconvenes from recess.

The appointment of Mr. Amidu, a famous member of a antithesis NDC who has been really vicious of a afterwards John Mahama administration for several crime scandals, will indeed come as a startle to many, deliberation that he was never mentioned when names were been bandied around in a media.

Mr. Amidu was widely commended and distinguished for his quarrel opposite corruption, when he single-handedly followed famous NDC businessman Alfred Woyome to a Supreme Court, and cumulative a statute for a retrieval of a Ghc51million settlement debt paid to him by a state underneath a NDC administration.

There have been concerns that a NDC is frightened that Mr. Amidu might pursue a domestic bulletin to jail members of a party. But the celebration has settled on several occasions settled that it harbours no such fears.

Most members of a NDC who spoke about Mr. Amidu’s appointment, however concurred his cunning for a office.

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