Dr. Hassan Ayariga Shares His Views On Ghana With Afrikan Post

Dr. Hassan Ayariga is a Ghanaian accountant, entrepreneur, and politician. He is a owner of a All People’s Congress and was a claimant of a People’s National Convention for a Dec 2012 presidential election. He shaped a All peoples Congress before to a 2016 choosing yet a celebration Presidential Candidate for a 2016 was unfit though petrify reasons by a Electoral Commission of Ghana. Afrikan Post On May 9, 2018, had an communication with a businessman-turned-politician in Virginia, USA to plead his domestic career and he used that as an eventuality to lay out his clever prophesy for Ghana if he gets a possibility of being inaugurated as president.

Dr. Hassan was invited to a United States as a Keynote Speaker during a 2018 Atlanta Damba Festival where he tender a throng with an confident and moving message.

After a eventuality in Atlanta, Dr. Ayariga who is now in a United States with his whole family found time to extend an talk with George Kwasi Bright of a Afrikan Post to chuck light on his thoughts on Governance in Ghana.

Dr. Ayariga reliable that he was nurtured as a Nkrumaist by trait of his father Hon. Frank Abdulai Ayariga, being a member of council for a Bawku Constituency during a third commonwealth administration of Hilla Limann. His younger hermit Hon. Mahama Ayariga also walked in a footsteps of his father and is now a Member of Parliament for Bawku Central Constituency on a sheet of a National Democratic Congress.

The Young Politician even yet commended a Akufo Addo supervision for a anti-corruption beginning he is of a perspective that a appointment of a Special Prosecutor was injured since as settled in his 2016 declaration he would have elite an Independent Special Prosecutor rather than a special prosecutor operative underneath a profession general. As most as he has a lot of honour for a President and Hon. Martin Amidu he feels a special prosecutor has served as a profession ubiquitous in a prior administration and should not have demoted himself to take adult a position underneath a profession general’s office. Moreover, a supervision should not have allocated a label temperament member of any domestic party.

Dr. Ayariga uttered his exasperation during a fact that former Ministers of State took double salaries as members of Parliament while portion as ministers of state. He does not see a movement taken by a supervision as magician sport and feels a law contingency be authorised to take a march on this issue.

The APC presidential claimant reliable his clever come behind in a 2020 elections and sees his celebration as a viable third force. In his view, should a stream Government fail, Ghanaians would remove wish in a dual vital domestic parties and would gaunt towards his All Peoples Congress as a viable alternative.

On a Nations Builders Corps that was announced recently as a supervision beginning to yield 100,000 jobs to graduates during a cost of GHc 600 million, Dr. Ayariga punched holes in it and referred to it as a “Loot and Share “ module and believes it is not tolerable and a dear venture.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Ayariga thinks a business opinion in Ghana is not appealing and not enlivening due to some adverse measures put in place by a stream government.

The Founder and Leader of a All People’s Congress (APC), also see a doing of a Free Senior High School Policy by a NPP Government as a indispensable module however he does not determine with a mode of doing and see it as a rushed program. In his explanation, he pronounced a lot of students have been engrossed into a module yet after graduation, not adequate sustenance and comforts have been done accessible to catch these students in a several tertiary institutions thereby formulating a outrageous reserve for University entrants.

As his amicable shortcoming of giving behind to a Ghana Dr. Hassan Ayariga, is only appropriation a construction of a multi-purpose sanatorium during Haatso in Accra to support a country’s health caring and also a proof of his party’s prophesy and joining towards giveaway health caring for a country. The 200 million dollar plan would yield comforts to support for typical people as good as make it probable for high form personalities who transport abroad for medical diagnosis to find it value regulating internal services.

Please review some-more about Dr. Hassan Ayariga’s and his All Peoples Congress (APC) declaration on www.apcghana.com. He is also accessible on facebook as Hassan Ayariga

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