Flaunting You Curvaceous Body Is Not A Crime

Flaunting You Curvaceous Body Is Not A Crime -  Moesha Boduong

Most Ghanaian women are heavily included and singer Moesha boduong is a ideal instance of such women.

Moesha also a socialite, is widely famous for violation a internet with her mouth watering photos on amicable media.

Although she has come underneath complicated criticisms by a Ghanaian media and populace.

The singer claims that being curvy and determining to flourish it is not a crime.

Moreover holding cinema and posting on amicable media doesn’t meant she is inexpensive or for sale.

The singer took to her instagram timeline and wrote:

“Dear multitude ,being curvy is not a crime and me determining to flourish what we have does not meant we am for sale or we am a inexpensive lady ,really can we cut a pomposity already, a same thing a slim lady will do and get divided with it. Ladies dress voluptuous for themselves and not for courtesy or for a male to like them .Let’s stop physique shaming.”

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