Ghana Is On The Rise Again – Bawumia To Diasporans

Vice President Bawumia

Ghana is on a trail of vital liberation in all spheres after a year of advantageous process doing by a Nana Akufo-Addo government, and it is time for Ghanaians domiciled outward a republic to spin their courtesy behind home.

The Vice President of a Republic, H.E. Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, who gave a recommendation when he met a Ghanaian village in a Bay area of San Francisco, USA on Thursday Apr 12, 2018, also urged a Ghanaian village abroad to make their skills and imagination accessible to their compatriots behind home to speed adult a gait of development.

The Vice President met a Ghanaian village as partial of a 5-day operative revisit to a record heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA. Accompanied by some supervision officials and a care of 15 heading internal ICT firms, H.E. Dr Bawumia hold discussions with a Valley’s suspicion and record leaders to try a possibilities of building vital insight, decisions and partnerships with a perspective of assisting to raise a digitisation of a Ghanaian economy to pierce Ghana Beyond Aid.

“We hereditary a really severe mercantile situation, though due to advantageous measures that we continue to implement, in 2017 we available conspicuous mercantile expansion and over a series of vital promises we done to a good people of Ghana,” Dr Bawumia indicated.

Explaining a motive for a doing of policies such as Free Senior High School Education and a replacement of Teacher and Nursing Training allowances notwithstanding huge mercantile challenges, Vice President Bawumia pronounced any republic that seeks to grasp holistic expansion contingency indispensably deposit in a tellurian capital, “and a President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is really committed to a preparation of each immature chairman in Ghana, given an prepared race is a exigency for growth.”

The curriculum is also being reviewed to concentration some-more on maths and a sciences, H.E. Bawumia disclosed.

Structural mercantile reforms are also commencement to produce certain results, Dr Bawumia continued, with Inflation down to 10.4%, Interest and Treasury Bill rates on a decline, and business certainty growing.

“We have confirmed sell rate stability, and final year, for a initial time given 2006, a Ghanaian supervision met and surpassed a necessity target. All of this reflected in a genuine GDP expansion of 8.5% in 2017, from an hereditary 3.7%. Indeed, that was a fastest expansion rate in a world”, a Vice President announced to shrill applause.

Government has also embarked on an desirous Digitisation expostulate geared towards leveraging a use of record for a mutation agenda, with a roll-out of a National Digital Property Addressing System, a soon-to-be-issued inhabitant ID card, a land annals digitisation bulletin and efforts to boost financial inclusion around interoperability in a remuneration systems, and a revisit to Silicon Valley was serve justification of this commitment.

“We are perplexing to build a new, fit Ghana. The universe is ceaselessly evolving, and this expansion is led by slicing corner technology. We know there are many gifted immature group and women in a ICT space, and supervision is looking during ways to make innovating and actualising earnest ideas easier.”

He urged a diasporans to actively support a Akufo-Addo supervision to take Ghana to a subsequent theatre of her development, assuring, “This is a listening Government. We are committed to a quarrel opposite corruption, and will exercise policies to emanate jobs. We are prepared to take on house your suggestions and imagination to pierce Ghana forward, over aid.”

The Vice President was accompanied by Hon Mohammad Tijanni Habibu, emissary Foreign Minister; Deputy Minister for Communications Hon George Nenyi Andah; Hon. Alex Tetteh Djornobuah, MP for Sefwi Akontonbra and member of a Parliamentary Select Committee on Education; and Hon Halidu Ali Maiga, Member of a Parliamentary Select Committee on Food, Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs.

The Vice President returned to Accra on Saturday Apr 14, 2018.

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