Ghanaians In China Want Akufo-Addo To Stop Ambassador From Contesting NPP Post

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
President Republic of Ghana
Dear Mr. President,
We a under-listed leaders of Ghanaians staying in China do hereby petition a President of a Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to stir on H.E. Dr. Charles Dwamena, Deputy Ambassador to China to revoke his preference of resigning his Ambassadorial position to competition a National Treasurer of a New Patriotic Party given a Ghanaian Community needs him some-more in China.

Dr, Charles Dwamena, given presumption bureau as Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to a People’s Republic of China has been unequivocally instrumental in a lives as Ghanaians vital in China.

Sir, we know we are wakeful that Dr. Dwamena scholastic and worked in China for many years before returning to Ghana to do narrow-minded politics and this clever believe of a Chinese complement has been unequivocally useful to all of us. On a domestic front, we know he was unequivocally instrumental in a arrangement of NPP-China and by his tough work and piety joined with his bargain of a Chinese enlightenment and language, rose to turn two-term Chairman of a China Branch of a Party as good as a Chairperson of a Asia-Pacific Caucus, so creation him an critical item to a New Patriotic Party.

We a Ghanaian Community in China were happy when we allocated him as a Deputy Ambassador to China. In fact, his appointment was timely as we indispensable someone with his skills set to support to a Ghanaian Community in China.

Sir, we can contend though any doubt that Dr Charles Dwamena has unequivocally reliable that we did not only make appointments arbitrarily though rather delicately comparison people who best fit their particular offices. In only about one year, he has finished a good bargain of work to urge a lot of those of us withdrawal in China. Having studied, lived and worked in China, his turn of bargain of Ghanaians vital in China has helped in bringing us together as one people with a common purpose.

His doors are always open to us, and we now feel unequivocally unapproachable to travel to a Ghana Embassy in Beijing to make enquiries about anything including policies of your Government.

He has not let us down anytime we have problems during hand. He always travels to any Province from Beijing to assistance solve a problems given of his bargain of Chinese system, his contacts and links to a Government of a Republic of China.

In only one year in Office, he has been means to move a Ghanaian Communities during several Provinces together, an beginning his predecessors could not do. Prior to his appointment, there was no good structured Ghanaian Community though now, we have over 4 colourful and good structured Ghanaian Communities with inaugurated Leaders / Executives who drive a affairs of a communities in a several Provinces.

He has instituted a Diaspora and Consular Sports Competition that is a module that gives us a event of assembly and interacting as Ghanaians any year. This has turn a vital module on a Calendar of Ghanaian Community members and we all demeanour brazen to it any October.

Those of us study have also benefited immensely from his loyalty and joining to duty. Whenever any tyro encounters any problem, he leaves no mill unturned in addressing such problem. His participation in China as a Deputy Ambassador has done us unapproachable given a fact that he was once a tyro like some of us are currently and we unequivocally take a lot of impulse from him.

His passion to emanate some-more opportunities for Ghanaians vital in China has unequivocally emboldened us and done us improved during what we do. In him, we have a satisfactory and organisation personality who always has a behind so creation us confident. Above all, Dr Charles Dwamena has a unequivocally good repute among a Chinese Political and Business Community and this has translated into a lot of goodwill for us Ghanaians vital in China.

There have been a series of times Ghanaians have been given favoured diagnosis due to a interventions of Deputy, as we affectionately call him. This is a kind of personality we a Ghanaians vital in China need and were emotional for all along.

Mr. President, it therefore came to us as a large warn when a news pennyless from a several Communities that Dr Charles Dwamena has motionless to renounce from his position as a Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to China to go home and competition for a position of a National Treasurer of a New Patriotic Party,(NPP).

We were repelled given after all a work and considerate a attribute he has had with us it will be unequivocally most formidable to have a deputy like him.

As most as we commend a fact that he is an item to a celebration and that his ability set will capacitate him renovate a National Treasury of a Party, we overtly need him some-more in China to connect a gains we have done so far. We know a celebration needs him though we need him more.

We are not certain of removing anybody like him, whom we can describe to unequivocally well. Mr. President, we a Executives of a several Ghanaian Communities in China, therefore humbly interest to we to use your good bureau to greatfully speak to Dr. Charles Dwamena to revoke his preference to competition and sojourn as a Deputy Ambassador so he can support us finish a good work he has started.

We know he will listen to you. We unequivocally need him here in China, Sir.

Mr. President, we appreciate we for giving us conference and we know, we will listen to a defence and convince him to step down and come behind to China as a Deputy Ambassador.

Thank you…..
God Bless Ghana
God Bless President Akufo Addo
God Bless NPP
Signed ….
1. Awudu Beijing (Chairman, Ghana Community, Beijing Chapter)

00861 56010-70602
2. Jeff Cool (Organizer, Ghana Community, Beijing Chapter)

3. Macintosh (Secretary, Ghana Community, Beijing Chapter)

4. Elder Patrick Frimpong (Chairman, Ghana Community, Guangzhou Chapter)

00861-34342-26497 / 00861-35335-57422
5. Felix Kwame Boateng (General Secretary, Ghana Community, Guangzhou Chapter)

6. Percy David Papa Akuetteh (Chairman, Ghana Community, Wenzhou Chapter)

Chief of Staff, Flag Staff House, Accra-Ghana.
Ag. National Chairman, NPP, Accra-Ghana.
Ag. General Secretary, NPP, Accra-Ghana.
Chairman, National Council of Elders, NPP, Accra-Ghana.

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