Ghana’s Waste Conversion To Energy Can Reduce Electricity Costs By 50%

Ghana’s Waste Conversion To Energy Can Reduce Electricity Costs By 50% - Professor Samuel Frimpong

A Ghanaian – USA formed mining and appetite engineering highbrow has suggested a supervision to cruise waste-to-energy (WTE) choice to revoke a electricity costs in a republic by approximately 50%. He stressed that a rubbish constructed in a republic and dumped in landfills, on a streets and into incinerators can be used to assistance overpass a appetite opening in Ghana. According to him, arguable and affordable appetite from multi-source era systems is pivotal to realizing limit mercantile outlay from businesses and a comfort of typical Ghanaians. WTE acclimatisation is an critical member for achieving this eminent idea in Ghana.

WTE centers can be built in comparison locations to offer opposite towns, hospitals, schools and attention units. Professor Frimpong done this famous to Ghanaians abroad when he was interviewed by Solomon Owusu on Amenado Radio in Denver, Colorado, USA, during a famous “dwen Ghana ho” radio module on Sunday, May 06, 2018. The talk lasted for over dual hours and people called in with questions from opposite countries around a world. Prof. Frimpong patiently and diligently answered all a questions regarding to WTE generation. The listeners commended him for his low bargain of a sanitation problems faced by a republic and his eagerness to help.

Educating a listeners on a show, he referenced The World Bank Group’s worldwide sequence of plain rubbish products into 64% organic and 36% fake matter for building economies like Ghana. In his view, science, record and creation have demonstrated a feasibility of appetite era from organic rubbish by pelletizing and gasifying a rubbish product as fuel source to appetite unchanging generators. During a discussions, Prof. Frimpong remarkable that Sweden generates 20% electrical appetite for heating from WTE conversion. Other countries that have been successful in building WTE technologies embody Denmark, Norway, Germany UAE, UK and USA.

When asked if he had skeleton to assistance Ghana with a technology, he responded that a unenlightened ordering of waste, that causes rash sanitation problems, stirred him to combine with his USA and Canada colleagues who have measureless knowledge and technical expertise in WTE acclimatisation for over 20 years, to put a offer together to collect appetite from waste, that also has an combined advantage of cleaning Ghana’s environment. The doing of a offer will start with a commander plan to furnish about 32 kilowatts of electricity that can appetite a hospital, a propagandize or an attention section for about 12 to 18 hours a day. Upon successful doing during a commander stage, bigger units can be grown to appetite incomparable segments of communities for longer hours.

The doing of this record on a incomparable scale, corroborated by battery storage units can lead to poignant reductions in electricity costs in a country. Furthermore, a direct for rubbish to feed a plants in a several locations within a municipalities will finish adult formulating jobs and elucidate a sanitation problems concurrently. This is since a plant operators might squeeze rubbish to feed them. From his speech, a vital plea his group might confront will be a official routine they might go by before a plan approval.

Dr. Frimpong is a eminent highbrow of mining and appetite engineering during Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA. He is an alumnus of both Opoku Ware School (OWASS) in Kumasi and a George Grant University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) in Tarkwa. He perceived his bachelor’s grade and a postgraduate diploma in mining engineering from UMaT. He followed his masters and doctorate degrees in mining engineering during a University of Zambia and University of Alberta, Canada respectively.

Professor Frimpong is now Chairman of a UMaT Alumni in a Diaspora and also a President of a AKATAKYIE USA (OWASS). Prof. has lerned over 35 graduates with several of these graduates occupying educational and attention positions in universities and tip mining companies around a world. Professor Frimpong has carried out investigate and educational initiatives in several countries, namely, Canada, USA, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, Indonesia, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Botswana and Ghana.

He is now a member of APLU Board on Natural Resources in USA; National Occupational Research Agenda of CDC-NIOSH in USA; National Minerals Research Partnership of APLU in USA; UNESCO Council on Emerging Energy Technologies; and College of Reviewers for a Canada Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs Program. He formerly served as member of a Mine Safety and Health Research Advisory Committee (MSHRAC) of CDC–NIOSH allocated by US Human and Health Services Secretary and Japan’s Research Consortium on Global Warming.

He was a Co-Chair for a ASCE-UNESCO Monograph on Emerging Energy Technologies and Infrastructure. As partial of his investigate effort, Professor Frimpong serves as a Editor-In-Chief of a Journal of Powder Metallurgy and Mining; Editor for Research and Reports on Metal and Mining; Chief Editor – Mining Engineering for INTECH Publications; Associate Editor, International Journal of Mining and Minerals Engineering; and Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment.

The tellurian Ghanaian innate talent has perceived several awards and recognitions. These prestigious awards include Daniel C. Jackling Award from SME, Englewood, CO (2017); Robert H. Quenon Endowed Chair, Missouri ST (2004 – Date); Missouri ST’s Chancellor’s Leadership Award (2010); Distinguished Lecturer Award by Canadian Petroleum Institute (1998 – 2004); Award of Distinction by World Mining Congress (1997); University of Alberta/CIDA PhD Scholar (1989 – 1992); Life Patron, UMaT, Ghana (2001 – Date); Grand Award for Best Paper by NW Mining Association (1989); and UNESCO Research Fellow (1986 – 1988).

As a fixed Christian and a heading consultant in mining and appetite engineering, he finished a talk with a shutting acknowledgement by instigation all Ghanaians opposite a creation to umpire for a republic by prayers so that God will assistance Ghana’s leaders with a strength, appetite and foreknowledge to scrupulously conduct a country’s vegetable and appetite resources.

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