Harrington Brooks Financial Solutions Teams Up With Billy Yeboah To Provide Computers To Ghana

A Ghanaian formed in Manchester Billy Kwasi Yeboah has teamed adult with his association Harrington Brooks Financial Solutions to present 25 computers to needy institutions in Ghana.

The beneficiaries embody Evergreen Club of Ghana, Jachie School for a disabled,Educational Empowerment Initiative,Asokore Community Library and Assin Asamankese DA Primary School .

The singular partnership between Billy and his association was instituted as partial of a company’s corporate amicable shortcoming module that seeks to recycle their useful though new computers as a keep adult with a latest technology.

In an talk with Billy Kwasi Yeboah who works during a financial dialect of a Harrington Brooks Financial Solutions in Manchester,he was overwhelmed by a predicament of pupils of Assin Asamankese DA Primary propagandize who do not have entrance to computers and were shown in a video practicing how to click a mechanism rodent with stones

https://102tube.com/video/YrAfnV6ORw4/learning- ict -with-stones-joy-news-prime-12-6-17-.html

According to Billy he motionless to trigger a mechanism recycling plan that his association adopted.He pronounced recycling computers preserve healthy resources when one chooses to recycle rather than chuck out their aged computers, they assistance to extent a volume of resources that it requires to furnish new electronic items. This is due to a fact that there are many components on aged computers that can be reused in a phony of new computers.

He pronounced he will continue to champion a mechanism recycling plan during Harrington Brooks Financial Solutions as recycled computers that are still in comparatively decent operative condition can be hugely profitable and employed by needy schools and communities in Ghana.

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