Milton Keynes NPP Chapter Again

NPP Milton Keynes section is remarkable of a prominence when it comes to elections. It all started in 2014 when a stream chairman, Mr Michael Ansah was wrestling energy from a former authority Mr Atta Kruffi.

Chairman Ansah was remarkable for being anti-Nana Addo so he hired guys like Richmond Mensah who is remarkable for being Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong child and he intends shaped a group to supply a elections for Michael Ansah and work for a Akofo regime. Their expectancy came by as Michael Ansah became a authority together with a group they upheld that finished a section a preference section for a UK branch. Unfortunately, their “Demi gods” in a persons of Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong were suspended.

Due to this shock, Richmond motionless to use a late Java’s uncover “ekosi sen domestic show” to lambast a President of a commonwealth when he was a claimant of a celebration and a celebration around content on a uncover and we know alot of celebration faithfuls Will attest to it.

If a Memory served us right, this Richmond Mensah male assisted OPK now special partner to Mr Alan Kyeremanten to train some supporters from all a Country to means mayhem during a celebration domicile that ashamed a celebration before a elections.

With all these behaviours from this clueless immature male and his cronies, possibilities who are now opposed for positions in a incoming elections slated in Apr 2018 have started consulting him for assistance and vague volume only for him to supply a elections in their favour.

Because of this, One Mr Oppong Kyekyeku who we see as honest and organisation authority has been abused by both their legislature of elders, their section authority and some of a members who obeisance to this Richmond Mensah guy.

I, therefore, implore a celebration executives in a domicile in Accra to meddle as those in London can’t be trusted.

Milton Keynes section was shaped by David Kamkam Boadu who is now bustling opposed for a party’s authority in Ghana.I know for a fact that registration forms of members are still with him. The membership cards were finished by a same Man that was after on magisterial during a elections in foster of Chairman Michael Ansah.

Unfortunately, like what NDC did to Ex-President Rawlings, a celebration has been taken from a designer of a section and now been seen as disclose skill of Richmond Mensah and his cronies who are regulating it for Akiko and Agyapong agenda.

My group are examination with eagle eyes and surprise a celebration and a ubiquitous public, whatever happens, appreciate you

Writer: Kwaku Obeng Asiamah
Email:[email protected]
Contact: 0302980004

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