Movie Producers Used Former President Mahama As Cover Up To ‘Sack’ Me

Movie Producers Used Former President Mahama As Cover Up To Sack' Me - Mr. Beautiful Laments

Popular Kumahood comic actor, Mr. Beautiful, has disclosed that for over dual years, he has not acted any movie.

According to him, no writer has approached him with a book for all this while.

Mr. Beautiful done this explanation on a Delay Show when he seemed as a guest final Sunday.

Indeed, many people are wondering since Mr. Beautiful is no longer seen in movies.

It has widely been speculated that producers have vowed not to give him film roles anymore since of his domestic affiliation.

But vocalization on a Delay Show, Mr. Beautiful settled that rumours going turn that Kumahood producers had sidelined him since he plainly debate for former President Mahama are not true.

He settled that producers usually used former President Mahama to dispossess him of film scripts.

“I have not late from acting. behaving is my happiness, my pursuit though they [producers] are not job me again.”

“They have used my support for former President Mahama as a deception to pouch me, duration we knew a former President when he was a clamp President,” Mr. Beautiful explained.

According to him, some Kumahood producers prolonged had issues with him even before he threw his weight behind former President Mahama during a 2016 ubiquitous election.

Explaining a pronounced issues, Mr. Beautiful, famous in secretly life as Clement Bonney, says he had ‘language’ issues with producers.

The producers, he pronounced wanted him to pronounce quite Asante Twi in a Kumahood movies.

However, he refused their requirement and motionless to go on vocalization a reduction of Fante and Twi.

This, he said, did not go down good with a producers who claimed that vocalization Fanti in a cinema will impact a movie’s opening in sales.

“I have been carrying a lot of issues with producers since of a denunciation we choose; Fante that they don’t like; It is not about former President Mahama,” he stated.

Mr. Beautiful serve settled that he still cherishes a former President and would not repudiate his steadfast support for him since of acting.

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