New Yorkers Had a Fantastic Seminar with Counsellor Lutterodt

New Yorkers Had a Fantastic Seminar with Counsellor Lutterodt

Many people viewed a male of God and Relationship Expert; Counsellor Cyril George Lutterodt as controversial. Apostle Dr. Isaac Owusu Bempah aka The Nation’s Prophet and Prophet Akwasi Agyemeng Prempeh who were in New York recently had both respectively pronounced on Nov 15th during a entertainment that “Everything he had pronounced and is observant is loyal hence called him; “The Most Legitimate and Controversial Counsellor.

The Counsellor had come to New York to accept 3G Magazine Publisher’s Choice Award that occurred on Nov. 14th, 2017. Whiles in New York, he has turn a many sought after Ghanaian luminary in city who has been interviewed on a Keymama Show on Amansan Radio, Golden Radio Worcester and He had perceived many Invitations to accommodate and hail persons in high bureau of governance.

Heavenly Jic Inc, one of a many busiest Ghanaian Event Planners in and with 3G Media Inc. a Executive Producer of 3G Awards assimilated to classify a forum for Ghanaians to accommodate him privately and asked questions on relationships.

The Seminar that occurred on Saturday; Nov. 24th, 2017 was really engaging as fans listened to a Counsellor explained his views on certain topics. He pronounced infancy of his supporters are his critics who constantly watch him on tv, youtube, listen to him on radio and review about him on amicable media as wells a imitation media.

It was a fun night and New Yorkers after a contention accepted his indicate of perspective and scheduled for serve seminars to assistance married couples. Fans were happy to take selfies with him for amicable media.

Furthermore, by renouned demand, a second convention comes on Saturday, 2nd Dec 2017. The initial uncover was really educative and full of fun by out a night and New Yorkers will again suffer a second seminar.

Counsellor Lutterodt’s time in America is really limited, due to his renouned Orgasm Conference on 26th Dec 2017 during a Trade Fair Center, Accra so he has to lapse to Ghana, Many seminars have been designed opposite a USA for his lapse in 2018. He was full of thankfulness for a organizers for his endowment given this was his initial general endowment in his career as a Counselor and was full of regard for a warmest accepting shown him in a USA.

Watch out for him from Jan 2018 with his team. Music was supposing by a Majestic Band led by Akrofi and DJ Onasis/R. B.Nice on a wheels of steel.


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