NPP-Canada To Ensure Credible And Transparent Elections

The Chairman of a NPP-Canada 2018 Congress Planning Committee, Mr. Samuel Asirifi and a Planning Committee Coordinator, Mrs. Vicky Owusu-Ansah have positive that a bend has put a compulsory measures in place to safeguard legitimate, reasonable and pure elections.

They done this attestation during a phone talk on Amenado Radio in Denver, Colorado, USA. Unlike a other NPP’s outmost branches, a NPP-Canada arriving choosing preparations have been well-spoken but a common tensions.

Speaking to a horde of a domestic show, Solomon Owusu, a officials stressed that all is set for a well-spoken Congress where representatives will opinion to select their successive leaders. In their common view, a elections and a whole organisation are structured in consent with a control of NPP party’s elections in Ghana to equivocate misunderstandings. According to them, a NPP-Canada executives comparison rarely motivated, cool and infallible members who authority honour in their several communities to spearhead a electoral routine and a Congress arrangements.

Answering a doubt on probable confusions among a aspirants, a cabinet members pronounced there have not been any infighting among them and a NPP members since there hasn’t been any pointer of probable diabolic paraphernalia machinations in a arriving elections.

The bend believes that putting such a unselfish and challenging organisation together will safeguard comprehensive trust and firmness in a elections, thereby avoiding intensity electoral malpractices.

“My brother, shaped on what happened in other branches, we suggested ourselves by ensuring high standards in a electoral procedures that are in consent with a NPP’s electoral routine as enshrined in essay 8, proviso (1), territory (2), subsection (3) of a structure of a New Patriotic Party concerning outmost branches.

Again, we all concluded that a elections should be conducted according to a processes and procedures for elections during all levels of a celebration to elect executives in correspondence with a steering cabinet discipline as remarkable in essay 9, proviso (I), territory (1)”, Mr. Asirifi explained.

Stressing on a electoral methodology, Mrs. Owusu-Ansah pronounced a electoral commissioners in assign of a elections have discussed a modalities with all a aspirants for a several positions that they have all supposed them peacefully. “There have been no lawsuits or problems with a modalities for a arriving elections since a ECs have been really pure and accountable in a whole process”, she depicted. According to her, all positions are being contested for, like how a NPP as a domestic celebration selects a inhabitant executives in Ghana.

The positions embody Chairperson, First Vice Chairperson, Second Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, National Organizer, Women’s Organizer, Youth Organizer and NASARA Coordinator. The bend believes that appointing members for a several positions, instead of electing them will not assistance in enhancing a approved swell of a organization, as a allocated officers might feel intimated in expressing their views during executive meetings.

Touching on a brief story of a NPP-Canada, a chair of a Congress formulation committee, MrAsirifi, narrated that NPP Toronto Chapter was shaped in 1992 as a initial NPP diaspora section in Canada, after some residents in a range who were mostly belonging to a UP organisation in Ghana motionless to modify their organisation to support NPP so that a celebration in Ghana could be strengthened.

The section executives after non-stop other sister chapters in Canada and shaped a inhabitant NPP-Canada bend to oversee a activities of all a chapters. Currently, a bend has 7 chapters.

The representatives and a invited guest from all over a universe will arrive on Friday, Apr 13, 2018, control a Congress on Saturday and finish a module with a invocation use on Sunday during a Ghana-Anglican church in Toronto.

The bend is awaiting certain celebration dignitaries from Ghana to attend, including Mr. John Boadu, a Acting General Secretary, Mr. Freddie Blay, a Acting National Chairman, Mr. Sammi Awuku, a National Youth Organizer, Mr. Emmanuel Attafuah-Danso, a Director of International Affairs, Hon. Shirley AyorkorBotchwey, MP and Minister for Foreign Affairs Regional Integration and Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyepong, a outspoken Assin Central Member of Parliament.

Explaining a reasons behind a thesis of a Congress, “Ghana over assist – a purpose of Ghanaians in diaspora”, Mr. Asirifi voiced that Ghanaians in a diaspora have good talents and resources compulsory to support a growth of a nation but depending on assistance from a western world. Hence, a representatives and a invited dignitaries will brainstorm on how a devise can be implemented to assuage Ghana from a long-lasting poverty.

At a congress, a members will plead on a thesis for a Congress, apprise a strength and opening of a bend in a successive years, counsel on probable amendments in a NPP-Canada bye-laws, plead a branch’s financial position and cruise other matters of concern. Again, a elections shall be hold during a Congress and a new executives shall be sworn-in shortly after a finish of a elections to pave approach for them to start their tasks but delays.

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