NPP Supporters Charged To Sell Flagship Programmes Of Government

NPP Supporters Charged To Sell Flagship Programmes Of Government

Mr Michael Osei Boateng, a Brong-Ahafo Regional Director of a Youth Employment Authority (YEA) has called on members of a statute New Patriotic Party (NPP) to sell supervision flagship programmes geared towards pursuit origination and misery reduction.

He pronounced still it was hapless that many Ghanaians were still ignorant of some supervision flagship programmes and did not know reasons behind a implementations of these programmes.

“This is because some of a domestic opponents have taken advantage of, and are unnecessarily politicising and critiquing a doing of those projects”, he said.

In an talk with a Ghana News Agency in Sunyani, Mr Boateng pronounced a ‘NPP binds a destiny of Ghanaians’, and a celebration ought to sojourn in supervision for a longer duration to make these programmes successful and assistance assuage a predicament to a citizenry.

He pronounced if infancy of Ghanaians know a judgment of a introduction and doing a Planting for Food and Jobs, One-District-One-factor (1D1F), giveaway Senior High School, and others they would support and advantage from them.

Mr Boateng, who announced his goal to competition for a Brong-Ahafo Regional Youth position of a NPP pronounced supervision was doing intensely good in a area of pursuit origination in a region.

He pronounced a YEA has introduced a new tillage plan that was a flagship programme and in a subsequent dual months a Agency would occupy some-more than 3,500 girl underneath that module.

He pronounced 1,400 immature group and women in a segment have already been intent underneath a Community Protection Personnel procedure of a Agency adding that 58 Monitoring and Evaluation officers had also been employed.

Mr Boateng, popularly famous as ‘Pope’, pronounced a YEA was conceptualizing additional new modules, to rivet both lettered and illiterate, graduates and under-graduates and entreated a plentiful impoverished girl to practice restraint.

He pronounced supervision needs a support of all a Ghanaians including polite multitude organizations and a media in a inhabitant reformation processes.

Partisan politics, Mr Boateng added, has caused a republic dearly, as it remained a scandal of socio-economic development, and lobbied a support of all antithesis domestic parties in a country, as supervision creates a protected breakwater for socio-economic expansion and accelerated inhabitant development.

By Dennis Peprah, GNA

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