Photos: Odorgonno SHS Ready For 2017 Skuuls Reunion

Photos: Odorgonno SHS Ready For 2017 Skuuls Reunion

Odorgonno Senior High School kicked off preparations towards a 2017 book of a Skuuls Reunion into full rigging when they became a initial propagandize to make studio coming brazen of a event.

The aged students of a Awoshie-based propagandize trooped a studio of Joy FM Monday to relive aged propagandize memories and also give listeners a feel of what they should design come Dec 2.

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The 2017 book of a annual Joy FM Skuuls Reunion, creatively scheduled for Nov 25, was deferred to Dec 2.

The delay became required since of a black flitting of Asempa FM’s Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong, popularly famous as KABA.

The initial date for a Skuuls Reunion coincided with a One Week commemorative of a late presenter’s passing.

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The annual Joy FM Skuuls Reunion West Africa is biggest entertainment and outside eventuality will make a ancestral lapse to a Trade Fair Centre this year.

The annual eventuality brings together thousands of people and groups underneath one roof to applaud with aged propagandize friends to relive a remarkable moments of delegate propagandize days and reconnect with mislaid mates.

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It is a usually eventuality that pulls a largest throng to a foe of gari soakings, jama and all a sparkling things enjoyed approach behind in a delegate propagandize days.

For over a decade, Joy FM has brought behind these healthy rivalries in education, loyalty as good as sports and this year’s won’t be different.

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After years of hosting a eventuality during a Independence Square, organisers are going behind to Trade Fair drift on Saturday, Dec 2.

This, according to organisers, this is to concede for a entertainment of a fun-packed activities a Skuuls Reunion is remarkable for.

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Apart from a Jama, eating foe and a electrifying low-pitched performances, congregation can demeanour brazen to sparkling sporting activities during a Trade Fair Centre as well.

During a Monday night appearance, a aged students of Odorgonno Senior High School shouted a school’s anthem, treated listeners to some jama and lustful memories behind in school.

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