Reduce Interest Rates To Make New Cars Affordable

Chief Operations Officer of Rana motors, an vehicle selling association Kassem Odaymat is propelling a Bank of Ghana to serve cut down seductiveness rates to raise a affordability of new vehicles by a public.

The vehicle zone continues to be a vital motorist of mercantile expansion portion as a poignant unfamiliar sell earner.

Unfortunately, many people are not in a position to acquire code new cars as a outcome of increasing cost.

Mr Odaymat pronounced “… articulate with banks and even articulate to Bank of Ghana if we can take a rates and a seductiveness rates down so that we can make it some-more affordable for any and each Ghanaian to be means to buy a car.

Honestly speaking, a lot of used cars are entrance into a country, it is causing some-more wickedness and during a same time, they are not protected and they are not done for a nation in terms of even apparatus and options,” he said.

Mr Odaymat lifted this regard on a sidelines of a launch of Ford Truck 3543T in Accra.

Ghana is a initial to launch a Ford Truck 6×4 tractor conduct (3543T) that is a latest from Ford Trucks, done privately to accommodate a direct of a Ghanaian market.

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